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New features of whatsapp

Whatsapp with new features

WhatsApp has come up with new features in 2019. In today's post we will know which of the new features of whatsApp is that you will find in your phone's whatsApp. These features will be very helpful for you. So read the post to the end to know -

New features of whatsapp

Dark mode

Dark mode already exists in twitter and youtube. Now whatsApp is also preparing to bring Dark Mode. The advantage of this is that if a person wants to use the phone even in low light then it can do. Turning on the dark mode does not have any effect on the eyes as well as the mobile battery is also less costly.

QR code scans will share numbers

With this feature, the user will be able to scan the QR code and share a contact. To use this feature, the user must have the latest Android version.

Group will have private reply

With the help of this feature, users will be able to chat with any member of the group and no other member will know this.

Group call shortcut

With this feature, you can select some members of the group and make voice calls or video calls from them. For this, you just have to select the members who want to do voice call or video calls.

Contacts will also get rankings

With the help of this feature, you will get the rank of contacts for your whatsApp. This ranking will be based on the basis that the person you are chatting with more than the first rank and the fewer chatting with him will get the last rank.

Picture in picture mode

(Whatsapp new features for android)

According to a new feature introduced for the user who uses WhatsApp on android, the WhatsApp user will be able to watch the video itself. For this, whatsApp has used the picture in picture mode to be considered the best feature of Android Note.

whatsapp new features download

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