Want More Money? Start SHAREIT WEMEDIA

If you want to earn money online then there are so many apps and websites available in today's time, but today we will tell you about a website that will earn you a lot of money. This is a website that you are already familiar with. We are talking about ShareIt the same ShareIt that you use to transfer files.

Now you can earn money from the ShareIt that you used to transfer files so far.

The transfer of files has now emerged as a way of making money in the form of ShareIt Wemedia.

In today's post we will tell you how you can make money from ShareIt. Read the post till the end to know-

How to create an account on ShareIt Wemedia

Creating an account on ShareIt Wemedia is very easy. For this, you have to follow the following given steps-

1Click here to create an account on ShareIt Wemedia.
2. Following the above step, you will reach the main site of ShareIt Wemedia. To create an account on ShareIt Wemedia, you must have a Facebook account. If your Facebook account is not created, then Click here to create your Facebook account and if your Facebook account is created then follow the following steps.
3. Now login here with your Facebook account.
4Now your account is ready You can earn money by uploading videos here.

How to earn from shareIt Wemedia

To earn money from ShareIt Wemedia, you have to upload the video here. Here you can upload any type of video. Just as you upload videos to YouTube, you have to upload videos here as well. You earn by these views on these videos.